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Woman Writes And Prints Offences Her Street Residents Committed Against Her 

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Woman Writes And Prints Offences Her Street Residents Committed Against Her 

A woman has typed and printed all the offences people in her neighbourhood committed against her all year round and she distributed copies to the neighbourhood.

The woman, said to be a gifted mathematics teacher, does this yearly, a Twitter user living in her neighbourhood revealed.

This year, she printed a four-page document naming everyone who offended her during the year.

The woman, who lives on Johnson Street, Kirikiri Town, Apapa, Lagos, listed not only people on her street but also residents of nearby Karimu Street who offended her.

She gave the names and addresses of each individual and the offence they committed against her.

She accused some neighbours of trying to “kill” her after killing her father and mother.

She also accused most couples living in the area of cohabiting and having children without marriage certificates.

Almost every couple she mentioned, she accused them of living together “with no marriage certificate.”

“Where is Mr Okoli’s wife? Is there a/any marriage certificate?” she asked in the document.

She seems to have a major bone to pick with Camerooniansband complained repeatedly that Cameroonians have taken over most of the businesses in the area.

“Please deport them all back to Cameroon,: she wrote.

She added: “The yellow man and his girlfriend living together as husband and wife without a/any marriage certificate… Please deport them back to Cameroon.”

She also wrote: “Mama Papillo on 11 Karimu street, on the other side of Johnson Street… frying akara, plantain and ogi, and all her children. Six children without a/any marriage certificate. Please deport her and her children back to Cameroon.

See screenshots of the printed document below.

Source:- LIB

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