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Man Speaks On How Oshiomhole Gave Them Access To Roads As Governor 

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Man Speaks On How Oshiomhole Gave Them Access To Roads As Governor 

The Voice Of The People : Man Recants How Oshiomhole Gave Them Access To Road In Emu Community 

“We must not forget Adams Oshiomhole’s wonderful work as the Executive Governor of Edo State; he constructed an access road to my village in  Emu community of Esan South East around Okhuesan, and the road now connects us to many places, including Bayelsa and Port Harcourt.

Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole has always been there for the people, he is a strong voice for the people, and those seeking his downfall will fail. May God bless Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole.”

That was the opening statement sent by an anonymous Esan Whasapp user, recognizing Adams Oshiomhole’s performance.

He went on to say how Adams Oshiomhole not only did a fantastic job for the people of Edo State, but also stood up to issues of national importance, and how the Federal Government, led by the PDP, tried to bully him into silence, but he stood firm for the common man.

“Oshiomhole had always played a vital role in the development of not just Edo State but Nigeria as a nation his consistent intervention in the affairs of the common has earned him an enviable position as a real COMRADE of the masses.

He would go down in history as a leader who puts the people first in everything he does; it is my joy that he is now seeking to represent his people in the National Assembly as a senator; his stewardship would not only make Edo North residents proud, but also the state and the South South as a whole.”

Our inbox has been inundated with recent awesome compliments on Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, from his union days to even after he served the people of Edo State as executive governor.

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