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Koromone Reveals How A Man Destroyed Their Friendship After He Kissed Her

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Koromone Reveals How A Man Destroyed Their Friendship After He Kissed Her

Nigerian writer, Koromone has recounted how a man destroyed their longtime friendship after he kissed her without her consent.

In a Twitter thread, Koromone mentioned that they were at a gathering when the man kissed her without her consent. She said she immediately expressed her anger at his action and left the place.

She added that she didn’t strike the man because she isn’t a violent person but that she would not hesitate the next time such a thing happens.

Last night at a small gathering, someone kissed me without my consent or permission and destroyed a boundary in the process. I called it out, he apologized profusely, then I left. I felt sad, bad, uncomfortable, angry, and disrespected.

I didn’t strike him because I’m not a violent person, but next time I will. I felt like he took something from me and I didn’t get a say in the matter. I didn’t go to there to kiss anyone or be kissed. We cannot stop talking about consent please.

Even though I wanted to flee the scene and suppress my emotions, I had to speak up and force him to explain why he did it. We were purely friendly and our conversations were 100% platonic— no innuendos or cheeky jokes.

Even if you feel 1000 sparks flying between you and someone, ask before you touch or interact with them in an intimate way. I’m killing my approachable personality now. Back to being cold and standoffish.

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