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Saturday, December 2, 2023

2023: Jaafar Jafaar ‘Addresses’ Peter Obi’s Chances

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2023: Jaafar Jafaar ‘Addresses’ Peter Obi’s Chances

Obi supporters may not like this. The bitter truth is that political party is like a tree. No matter how well you fertilise an Iroko seedling, it will take years to grow into a tree. In a national election, only a political party with ‘organic’ growth will put up a good showing.

A strong political party is what takes a candidate to the crevices he cannot physically go. Winning a national election is symbiotic in nature. Lack of good candidates for other posts may affect the presidential candidate. And this is exactly what LP faces.

Let’s liken the scenario to soccer. A good coach needs a good team to prove his mettle. Obi is a good candidate, but he ventured into the presidential race when the transfer window was shut. So it’s impossible for him to assemble a good team/structure that can beat APC or PDP.

Most Obi supporters capitalising on North Central votes based on religious belief fail to understand that of the 6 states in the zone, only 2 (Plateau and Benue) have majority Christian population. Niger, Nasarawa, Kwara & Kogi States are dominated by Muslims.

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